Install directions

The computer performing the tomographic reconstruction must have CUDA/GPU installed. tomostream consists of two modules TomoScanApp and tomostream tools.


Provides all the EPICS PVs needed by tomostream. To install TomoScanApp follow these steps:

Build a minimal synApps

To build a minimal synApp:

$ mkdir ~/epics
$ cd epics
  • Download in ~/epics

  • Edit the script as follows:
    • Set FULL_CLONE=True

    • Set EPICS_BASE to point to the location of EPICS base. This could be on APSshare (the default), or a local version you built.

    • For tomostream you only need BUSY and AUTOSAVE. You can comment out all of the other modules (ALLENBRADLEY, ALIVE, etc.)

  • Run:

  • This will create a synApps/ directory:

    $ cd synApps/support/
  • Edit busy-R1-7-2/configure/RELEASE to comment out this line:

  • Clone the tomostream module into synApps/support:

    $ git clone
  • Edit tomostream/configure/RELEASE to comment out this line:

  • Edit tomostream/tomoStreamApp/src/Makefile to comment out this line:

    tomoStreamApp_LIBS += asyn
  • Edit configure/RELEASE add this line to the end:

  • Edit Makefile add this line to the end of the MODULE_LIST:

  • Run the following commands:

    $ make release
    $ make -sj

Testing the installation

  • Edit /epics/synApps/support/tomostream/configure
    • Set EPICS_BASE to point to the location of EPICS base:

    • EPICS_BASE=/APSshare/epics/base-3.15.6

  • Start the epics ioc and associated medm screen with:

    $ cd ~/epics/synApps/support/tomostream/iocBoot/iocTomoStream
    $ start_IOC
    $ start_medm

tomostream python tools

$ cd ~/epics/synApps/support/tomostream/
$ python install

Testing the installation

$ cd ~/epics/synApps/support/tomostream/iocBoot/iocTomoStream
$ python -i